There are certain jupyter key shortcuts/tricks that helps developers remain more productive.

  • To run a cell Shift + enter or ctrl + enter.
  • Jupyter notebooks also offers tab completion

  • You can also get documentation within jupyter-notebook by hitting shft + tab three times or you can by ? at the end of the function to get docs.

  • M for markdown mode and Y for command mode.
  • %env This is going to print environment variables.
  • %pdb activates pdb debugger.
  • %pylab allows to work interactively with numpy and matplotlib.
  • %%debug activate debbugging mode in cell.
  • %%html renders cell as html.
  • %%latex renders cell as latex.
  • %%sh shell script.
  • %%time time command to see how long it took to run the command.

These are my personal favorites for jupyter-notebook.