Hi! Its Muhammad. I am recent graduate from Queens College,where I studied Economics and Computer Science. On this page you can read more about my work experience and if you like a copy of my resume feel free to email me.

Professional Services Consultant (Application Developer) @ Amazon Web Services 06/2022 - 07/2023

  • Migrated Cloudformation resources onto Cloudformation Registry using Java, enabling seamless 3rd party integration with Cloudformation.
  • Significantly contributed to the successful migration of high-volume AWS resources including AWS::CodeDeploy::Application AWS::EC2::Volume, and AWS::IAM::InstanceProfile, which are currently utilized by millions of customers.
  • Streamlined project documentation, reducing onboarding time from 3 months to just 1 month, enabling faster developer onboarding and project ramp-up.
  • Implemented automation scripts that significantly reduced deployment efforts, automated tedious tasks, and streamlined the deployment process, resulting in a notable decrease in manual effort.
  • Leveraged Jupyter notebooks to streamline deployment troubleshooting and gather valuable insights into production resources.
  • Successfully led a team of six developers as a tenured consultant on the project, overseeing the seamless migration of CloudFormation resources onto CloudFormation Registry.
  • Apart from my customer work, I also mentored new hires on the team, enabling them to quickly ramp up their skills and contribute effectively to different customer projects.

Note: It’s the same role but different specialization

Professional Services Consultant (DevOps Consultant) @ Amazon Web Services 06/2021 - 06/2022

  • Collaborated with an external customer to rewrite AWS CDK constructs from Python to TypeScript.
  • Leveraged JSII to convert CDK Constructs to other languages, including C# and Java, making it easier for the customer to use AWS CDK. Specifically, I rewrote the custom AWS RDS python construct in TypeScript, and then used JSII to convert it to Java and C#, significantly reducing deployment times for the customer’s DBA teams from weeks to minutes.
  • Also wrote different CDK Constructs, For instance ALB+ECS Construct helping customer deploy applications on ECS behing an ALB.
  • Implemented CICD pipelines for the customer, reducing manual deployment efforts and streamlining the deployment process and also developed a Github Actions Template repository helping developers to setup their own CI/CD when deploying applications
  • Also Led Weekly Team meetings increasing team engagement while working remotely

Professional Services Intern @ Amazon Web Services 06/2020 - 08/2020

During my time as intern at AWS, I worked on the following:

  • Collaborated with an external customer to write Cloudformation templates, enabling them to provision their infrastructure through IaC while minimizing manual effort and saving them time.
  • Led the development of a proof-of-concept internal communication handbook using VueJS as the primary developed.
  • Assisted my team in calculating migration costs for an external customer.

Innovation Intern @ HSBC Holdings plc 01/2020 - 06/2020

  • At HSBC I worked as an Innovation Intern within Financial Crime Risk team where I supported several projects.
  • While working as an intern at HSBC. I developed a text classification model,wrote a news scraper tool and RPA solution.
  • As an intern I wrote a multi-label text classification model that classified news articles into different risk categories. I was able to achieve to atleast 50% accuracy since we had limited data.
  • I also developed a flask based web application that allowed to query custom news feed which catered auditors need and it also provided with articles and their summaries.
  • I also developed a feature that allowed auditors to export custom newsfeed with article summaries into csv file for further data analysis.
  • Furthermore, news scraper tool also provided with news publications from different regulators such as CFPB,OCC,FED and etc into a pdf report for auditors.
  • Lastly I developed RPA solution that performed account reconciliation. This was a huge thing since it was able to save the time as process was done manually taking atleast 3 days.
  • While working at HSBC I was able to gain knowledge about machine learning and how auditing worked especially within financial crime risk space.

Software Engineering Intern @ JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPMC) 06/2019 - 08/2019

  • During my time at JPMC I took over several tasks such as adding new features to an existing application and Deployment of machine-learning models.
  • As intern I worked on adding new features to an existing search engine application that was used to index production issues. The application stack was based on SpringBoot,Angular for frontend and MariaDB.
  • I also deployed machine learning models on Kubernetes that tagged production issues in the application.
  • I also wrote a simple feature that sent out deployment email notifications.
  • During my time as intern I also volunteered on different projects such as doing explanatory data analysis of production issues for the upper management to help them understand the most occurring issues in the production environment.
  • While working as an intern I also got involved in different developer communities at JPMC such Python,RUST and DevOps.

Software Engineering Intern @ The City University of New York (CUNY) 06/2018 - 06/2019

  • While working for CUNY I worked on several tasks such as maintaing django web application, writing unittests and etc.
  • As intern I developed new features in our django web application that ran on raspberry pi. It was used to visualize electricity usage throughout the CUNY organization.
  • I also wrote unittests for the webapp and developed automation scripts which was used to backup database.
  • While maintaining django application I also supported energy analysts by writing VBA scripts that automated the process of energy reporting.
  • While this was my first internship I was able to gain new skills such as working with django,vba and postgres db.


My skills include,

  • HTML & CSS
  • Working with Databases such as MariaDB,Postgres
  • A little bit of NodeJS and TypeScript
  • Java
  • SciKit Learn
  • Linux
  • I constantly try to learn new skills and hold 3 different AWS Certifications such as AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Solutions Architect and AWS Developer Associate

Lastly this was my work experience, Furthermore, In my free time I usually spend my time reading blogs/articles and tech related internet discussions. I also contribute to opensource such as improving the documentation or working on issues and creating new resources for beginners.

Most of my projects are available on GitHub. You can view here GITHUB LINK