In this post I am going to talk about how can we remain productive by creating bash aliases and save our time by creating easy to use shortcuts for repetitive commands.

What is Bash Alias

Bash Alias is more like a shortcut and it can be declared using the following command alias alias_name = "command". Lets create a simple alias for listing hidden directories and files. alias lm="ls -la"

note:there aren’t any spaces between the command and the name

Now we will be creating some useful bash aliases that we might use on daily basis

  • git init (initializing git)
    alias gi="git init"
  • git push master (pushing files to GitHub)
    alias gpm="git push your_repo_name master"
  • listing files vertically
    alias l="ls | more"
  • Creating directories with a shortcut
    alias n="mkdir"
  • Removing Directory
    alias r="rm -rf"
  • Removing an Alias
    unalias _alias_name