I have been working on excel reports for more than a week now. During that process, I was able to learn exciting new tools such as VBA scripting and generating macros. By the way, this was a simple project where I had to copy specific cells from one worksheet and paste into another worksheet. After pasting I had to perform some operations on those cells. This was the task that I had to complete within 1 week.

In order to complete the task, I decided to use python modules such as xlsxwriter,openpyxl and pandas but the only problem was that if I wrote a script using these tools then it was going to be invoked using command line. In simple words, it wasn’t going to be user-friendly and I work with a non-programmer so I had to make it user-friendly.

In order to make the script user-friendly, I had to explore something else. Therefore I decided to play around with VBA scripting and Recording Macros. after discovering Macros I felt like this was a solution to my problem. Since Macros were recorded , code was automatically generated and they lived within excel file which made it easy to run. Therefore I decided to go with Excel Macros since It made my task easier and I was able to complete the given task with 3 days.

Cheers to Excel Macros :) They’re fun to use and powerful

I hope you enjoyed reading my daily log.